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Suggested self-care / daily living skills to develop whilst at home

(Visuals for in-task schedules to develop these skills are on twinkl)


With assistance/ reduced assistance:-

*Hand-washing (rubbing hands well together, using soap, rinsing hands and drying hands thoroughly)


*Toilet skills, if relevant

*Dressing Skills (including moving onto using fasteners, if appropriate)

*Set table (even put a cup and placemat (could be sheet of card on table), sit at table whilst eating, bring plate to sink when finished


Some of the following curricular activities may also be helpful at home:-


With assistance/ reduce assistance:-

*Butter Toast/ bread/cracker, spread favourite topping (Jam/ Nutella/ Cheese spread etc)(Develop knife/ spreading skills with assistance/ reduce assistance ) – (I’d recommend putting a pat of spread on the side of the plate to use)

*Make frozen juices (with help put in pre-chopped fruit pieces into blender, pour in base juice etc)

*Spread icing/ melted chocolate onto cake/ biscuit.

*Put toppings on sandwiches or pizza

*Roll pre-made dough with rolling pin; Cut out shapes using cookie cutter and put on oven tray.

*Transfer spoons of uncooked fusillli pasta from packet/ container into saucepan (Adult can then fill pan with water and bring to boil on hob)

*Spoon and stir chocolate powder or cocoa into milk, Count and put in a certain number of mini- marshmallows.

*My favourite- Help to make rice crispie buns as a treat!



With assistance/ reduced assistance-

*Develop Gardening skill- water plants/ flowers with watering can

*From a tray filled with compost, use a trowel to fill plastic gardening pots

*Plant seeds with help

Create opportunities across the day for movement- trampoline or go into the garden or for short walks to open spaces

Some structured activities (these can be modelled by others in the house developing waiting and turntaking skills). With assistance/ reduced assistance:-

*Walk along a line made by masking tape or selloptaped strips of newspaper on the floor

*Roll a large ball (To another person back and forth or even adapted bowling – Try to knock down the cereal box! Etc)Throw large ball into container (large cardboard box), pick up a variety of toys (scattered toy cars/ blocks)from floor and put in tub; or even pick up cushions scattered on floor beforehand by adult and put back on the couch.

*Develop Gross motor Skills through domestic tasks- help to clean windows (squirter bottle containing water only); help to wipe table surfaces (again, using water only). Practise cleaning up after activities.

*Provide opportunities to develop Gross Motor Imitation skills through Exercise to Music type songs

*Useful Youtube videos are those by Mother Goose Club/ The Singing Walrus/ The Learning Station and Little Baby Bum

Develop fine motor skills through lots of sensory play.  Playdough (home-made is preferable, please supervise if using commercial playdough) offers lots of opportunities to develop fine motor skills through actions like rolling/ pulling/ twisting / making a big/small ball/ make a snake/ use cookie cutters to make shapes/ place lots of small twigs into dough OR indent dough with twig/ pencil.

Practise picking up small snacks (eg raisins/ halved pieces of cheerios/ v small pieces of crisps or pretzels to eat.

For more fine motor activities – https://www.learning4kids.net/category/fine-motor/



NCSE Resources can be accessed here


HSE Covid 19 Advice & Resources for Children can be accessed here