New ‘Buddy Benches’ for St Paul’s

A huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone in Swords Men’s Shed who designed and built six new ‘Buddy Benches’ for the pupils. The craftsmanship is second to none!!!

A special mention to the Ingersoll Rand Women’s Employee Network who generously fund raised to buy the timber and paint for the benches. We look forward to seeing the benches once the pupils complete the final coat of paint!!!

PP4 Graduation

On Friday 14th June, St Paul’s saw the Graduation of Brian from PP4. This year the Graduation had a ‘Jungle’ theme and St Paul’s Gym was transformed into Jungle complete with animals from all over the world.


During this significant event we looked back at the many happy memories which we were lucky enough to have shared with Brian over the years. We wish Brian and his family all the very best this new stage in his life and look forward to hearing from him in the future.

Green Flag

Well done to all in St Paul’s for attaining yet another Green Flag. This years’ award is for “Outstanding Achievement in Improving  the Environmental Quality of the School and Community.”

Asset Care Difference Day 2019

A huge thank you to all in DAA for their tremendous show of support for St Paul’s.

On Friday 17th May 2019 over 60 volunteers descended upon our school to renovate and rejuvenate our playgrounds. The excitement was almost too much for some of the staff and pupils! Everyone was amazed by all the work that was completed. By the end of the day everyone was tired and hungry but the difference was out of this world! Thanks again DAA!!!!



Green Flag

The Green Flag team have made their application for the new Green Flag. Lots of work has been untaken by the Green Flag Committee throughout the year and we look forward to hoisting a new flag shortly.

DAA Teambuilding Event

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) have agreed to help support the development of our playgrounds by holding a Teambuilding Day in Early May 2019. We’re really excited about the prospect of working with DAA to provide a much needed refurbishment and upgrade of our Playgrounds. Many thanks to DAA in advance of the day!!!

World Autism Awareness Day 2019

World Autism Awareness Day Tuesday April 2nd 2019 was marked by the staff and children of St Pauls’. Everyone wore blue clothes and many classes celebrated the day by running events in the classrooms.