14 days to School Opening

With exactly a 14 day period between now and the opening of schools it is very important that we abide by the health regulations during that period to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

The Department of Education has issued the recommendation that all staff wear masks and other items of PPE.

Without sounding unfriendly we are not encouraging visitors during the return to school period.  Whether it is forgotten items or medical appointments we encourage you to make arrangements before arriving to school.  Forms which need to be signed should be left in the letterbox and when completed will be posted out. Try to make all communication on-line or over the phone.

The classrooms will be different and both ourselves and the students will be getting used to a new normal.  Together we can make this work as it is not just for today but may be the way for months to come.

Toilet facilities will have to limit the number of students at a time and our classrooms all have sinks for hand washing.  Hand sanitisation is available in all classrooms and throughout the school.

Additional cleaning is being organised and toilets, door handles and social areas are prioritised.

An isolation area has been designated, well ventilated and adjacent to a doorway.  If a student is in any way sick they should not come to school and if they become ill in school they will need to be collected immediately.

Electronic roll books will be marked at the beginning of each day  to assist with contract tracing should an outbreak occur.

Practical subjects (Home Ec, Art, Woodwork, Music, Pottery, Gardening etc) present challenges.  In some subjects it is possible to provide individual equipment and others may be limited to demonstration in the short term.

Medical advice tells us that school uniforms are less likely to hold infection than paper and books and we will be continuing with the uniform. However, we would ask that these be washed regularly. To facilitate this, children may wear their regular clothes while their uniforms are being washed.

There is signage provided to remind us all of the danger presented by Covid 19 and also of the preventative measures which we can all take to prevent its’ spread.

We are monitoring and complying with health and education advice on a daily basis and are fully committed to minimising risk.  We need the help of every family to do their best to keep us all safe.  Remember we are the front line.  Advice changes from day to day so it is important to keep an eye on the website.

I am aware that there are students with immune system difficulties and and others with apprehension and anxiety and we will try to support them during their transition back to school.

Kindest Regards

Adrian Harkin